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Here is a schedule of opportunities for worship and reflection as we proceed through the special days of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter. Each evening on Thursday and Friday, links will be provided to a special service that you can view from home. A full Easter service will also be made available Sunday morning. You are encouraged to view our webpage and/or facebook page to obtain links and other important information. In addition, Melanie has provided another wonderful instrumental rendition of a favorite hymn for your reflection as you prepare for worship. The Communion Hymn she has selected is particularly appropriate as we prepare for today’s observation of Maundy Thursday.

Maundy Thursday recounts the events surrounding the last night Jesus has with his disciples. The word “Maundy” is a root for our modern word, mandate, meaning command. It was on this final night with his disciples that Jesus washed their feet and instituted the great commandment that we are to love one another as He loves us. Jesus demonstrated this in the humble service of washing his disciples feet. While the current need for “social distancing” would frown opon giving each other Covid-19 for the sake of cleaner feet, Jesus example of self-giving love is still significant for today’s unprecedented situation. Currently, we are being called to act sacrificially for the sake of each other by restricting our outings and socialization. For both spiritual health and sustainability, it is important that the efforts we make are not out of fear and self-preservation but rather out of a protective love for our neighbor and a willingness to humbly suspend our desires for their sake.

Maundy Thursday also reflects on Jesus’ institution of Holy Communion. This reinterpreted Passover meal promises our deliverance from sin and death by uniting us in the Body and Blood of our Lord. In the bread and wine, Jesus is made manifest to us and we receive forgiveness and new life by His grace. While we are used to sharing this meal within our sanctuaries and with our pastors as a fully gathered family of God in communal worship, it is important to remember that this meal was initially shared in the household as two or three gathered in Jesus’ name over the intimacy of their common meal. The service for Maundy Thursday will include a communion liturgy. I encourage you to join in receiving our Lord’s Body and blood by sharing bread and wine with all those gathered at your table, sharing the words “The Body of Christ, given for you” and “The Blood of Christ, shed for you.” If you are alone, remember, you are not alone. Your brothers and sisters at Zion and beyond are sharing in this same meal with you. While our literal cups and loaves may be diverse and divided, we still drink of the one Cup and Body which is Christ. We one in the Spirit and in our fellowship with the Lord. Let us gather this evening to break Bread together as we remember our Lord.

Your Servant In Christ

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