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We are gathering for outdoor worship each Sunday following Labor Day and throughout September at 10:15am.
Guidelines for attending this service are enumerated toward the bottom of the page.
Services and other devotional resources will continue to be posted here, email and on Facebook page.
Those in need of urgent pastoral care are encouraged to call 548-6893 or email pastor at <pastor.book@zlcboalsburg.org>
Join us this Sunday at 10:15 am
as we gather for worship in front of Zion
on the lawn & in the parking Lot!
Both the service of Worship and separate reflections are available each week
by clicking on Pictures below.
 You will also find A PDF of the Liturgy that we will utilize for the worship service on Sunday.
Archived copies of reflections and services are available on the blog page. 

Greetings in Christ,

      Not only will we be celebrating Thanksgiving this week, but this Sunday begins the season of Advent as well.  Of course, our celebrations of these are constrained by concerns surrounding Covid, but we will continue to gather for worship throughout this season and beyond.  First, we will continue to gather each Sunday morning outside at 10:15 at the church.  While individuals may still gather on the lawn, our attendance is increasingly shifting toward in car worship.  You can easily listen to our drive-in style worship by pulling up in the comfort of your car and by tunning to 95.1FM to receive a clear broadcast of the service.  Feel free to turn on your car as needed to keep warm!  Congregants are also increasingly choosing to worship by signing in to our Zoom broadcast of the service.  This enables individuals/ families to participate in worship live via their computer, smart phone, or audibly via a regular phone call.  If you want to be added to the weekly invite for our zoom worship, please contact the office with your email address or if you don’t have a computer, we will get that information to you by phone. Additionally, all services will continue to be placed on our website <zlcboalsburg.org> and Facebook page shortly after worship each Sunday for viewing on your schedule. 


     An additional opportunity for weekly worship will be made available each Thursday by 7pm beginning on Thanksgiving and continuing until Christmas Eve.  These services of worship will be sent out by email and placed on both the web and Facebook sites.   The Thursday evening services during Advent (3rd, 10th, 17th) will reflect upon the interactions of Mary with Gabriel, Elizabeth, and Joseph and the ways in which these relationships might form our Christmas reflections. Other reflections will be posted through the weeks of Advent as well via both media and text in addition to these special Advent opportunities.   


     These Thursday evenings will build up toward our Christmas Eve celebrations on the 24th at 7pm and 11pm.  Christmas Eve services will be held live from the parking lot and participants will be encouraged to sing within their cars their favorite carols as we worship.  They will also be broadcast via Zoom and the 7pm service will be downloaded onto our various platforms as is our practice for regular Sunday Worship. 

     In many ways, our observations of Advent and Christmas get kicked off by our observation of Thanksgiving. I am particularly grateful for the message that Thanksgiving brings to our celebrations during this difficult year.  It is easy for us to become negatively consumed by the restrictions we are being encouraged to observe during this season.  All of us wish Covid and its possible risks would simply vanish and allow us to get back to normal, but our complaining and frustrations are more a sign of our ungrateful and spoiled hearts. Furthermore, they are an afront to God, who beseeches us to know His presence with us in the difficulties and see His blessing in the light of His providence and love.  Yes, Covid is forcing adjustments to our perfect plans, but consider how blessed we are in the midst of such disruption: vaccines are being developed, interactions between family and friends are available via new technologies, and simple strategies like wearing a mask can help us and others combat this disease.   Instead of being despondent that we can’t gather like we used to, be grateful that we can gather safely in different ways and that we can by our little sacrifices help protect the welfare of others.  Consider the Holy family who had no place to stay, were without the typical support of family and friends, who gave birth to Jesus in a stable. Difficulties were abundant for this young family, yet we see in their example gratitude, peace, hope and joy! 

     Maybe this Christmas season can become the most formative holiday observance of your life. Instead of being as broadly active, you can be more observant of the blessings that continue to surround us, more centered in the relationships immediately around you, more deeply engaged in the real meaning of the season. Without the business of large gatherings, parties and shopping sprees; you can appreciate the quiet, simple, and precious gift of life we receive as the Christ child enters our hearts. With inspired hearts you can creatively and meaningfully reach out with love to both those near and far but with simpler expressions that demonstrate your genuine care without as much of the chaos and commercialism. Most of all, you can face each mask wearing moment and constrained interaction without frustration, but with an attitude of gratitude that lifts the spirit of those around you and rightly thanks God for His good gifts.  Let that grateful posture of your heart define and direct your holiday season as we look forward to celebrating the birth of our Lord.


Gratefully yours in God’s love, Pastor




Various announcements from the Pastor..


1.    Our outdoor services will continue to be held at 10:15.  Due to cooler temperature, be sure to dress warmly or bring a blanket for our outdoor service.  Think of it as going to attend a quarter of a football game.

2.  Even better, consider coming to the outdoor worship and remain in your car!!!!  Just tune in to 95.1 and enjoy the warmth and comfort of your automobile will viewing the service and participating with the rest of the drive-in worshippers.


3.  If you are planning to attend the outdoor worship, PLEASE remember to review the guidelines and remember to bring your own chair or blanket to sit on. 


4.  A copy of the outdoor service will be posted as soon as possible.  Due to the later time for our fall worship, the recording of the service will be available by approximately noon via an email, Facebook and our webpage, <zlcboalsburg.org>.  Some new equipment to help us live stream has been installed and we will be broadcasting live via Zoom this Sunday. To receive a zoom invitation, please send an email to <pastor.book@zlcboalsburg.org>.


5.  REMEMBER. All the previous resources that have been made available each Sunday will continue to be shared via email, the webpage and Facebook.  The service from outside will hopefully be available around noon   


6. Please send your specific prayer requests to <churchoffice@zlcboalsburg.org>. Please state: 1)the names of those you wish to be on our prayer list, 2)your name and their relationship to you, & 3) the condition about which we are  to pray.





Two fundamental expectations surrounding our Outdoor Worship.


1   We honor your personal choice regarding attendance to these services.  If you choose to stay at home, be assured that we will be continuing to provide worship materials via the website, Facebook, and email.  Everyone should consider their own health issues, the health of those around them and their own comfortability with potential exposure.  Our hope is to replace the worship service currently being offered by posting a recording of the outdoor service as soon as possible and even live streaming the service as we are holding it. 


2   If you decide to attend it is imperative that you willingly follow the guidelines Council has developed, not because these guidelines are perfect, but because those who choose to attend need to feel sure that what we are promising is what they will receive.  Regardless of your personal discernment concerning the dangers of Covid transmission, our Council has discerned this as our best current path and those who choose to attend these outdoor services must abide by them so everyone in attendance knows what to expect. 


Guidelines for our outdoor worship services.  


1.  New signage and “Automobile Ushers” will be present to direct you in a slightly different pattern into the parking lot. This will improve logistical flow and enable a row or two of cars to be properly aligned for in-car attendance


2.  Attendees will be able to either remain in their cars (in a row in our parking lot as directed by the Auto Ushers) or in places marked in the grass lot above the parking area.


3.  The service will be held in the grass lot above the parking lot.  The grass will be marked with 6 foot diameter circles which will designate a household’s location.  (Think of it as your family pew.)  Twelve feet will be maintained between each circle. 


4.  Individuals/households will need to wear masks at any time they are not in their circle. Only while in their circle can they take of their mask.  In other words, masks need to be worn to and from cars and any other time someone leaves their circle. 


5.  Attendees are encouraged to bring whatever will provide a comfortable experience for them including their own chairs, blanket, shade, water, ect. 


6.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their own masks along with any other preventative utilities.  We will have some masks for those who may forget or are without.  You may ask for a mask from one of the “Auto Ushers.”


7.  Currently, we will not be using hymnals, singing, sharing Communion, or passing the peace. 


8.  Several collection boxes will be made available for offerings.


9.  A couple copies of a simple worship folder will be placed in each circle so that the service can be followed.


10.  Social distancing should be maintained before and after the service.  (During the service we will be in our circles!)


11.  If weather demands that we cancel the service, we will attempt to gather at 7pm on that same Sunday evening. 

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