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We are gathering for outdoor worship each Sunday at 9am with in sanctuary worship at 10:15am.  We plan on continuing this schedule through August.

Services and other devotional resources will continue to be posted here, email and on Facebook page.
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Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Faith, hope, and love to you through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.




Throughout this Covid saga, we have tried to simultaneously do two things. First, we have continued to worship without interruption.  While our offerings for worship have continued to evolve and multiply, importantly we have not ceased to worship together.  Secondly, we have tried to serve others by abiding to the current guidelines offered by the various health officials of our government.  We have not followed these guidelines under compulsion or even certainty that they were efficacious but rather because, as Christians, we are eager to serve and even sacrifice for the wellbeing of others.


In an effort to continue to fulfill the above objectives, we will continue through September and October to worship with the schedule that has lasted through the summer months. (9am worship on the lawn, in car, and remotely by Zoom) (10:15am worship in the sanctuary and remotely by livestream on facebook & youtube). 


The only real change in our worship protocols is that we are requesting those who attend the inside worship to wear masks regardless of vaccination status.   This policy will not be “policed” but is being requested while the Delta and other variants continue to spread. 


Several members of our congregation both young and old, vaccinated and unvaccinated have gotten significantly ill from this most recent surge in Covid cases.  As we continue to worship throughout this changing landscape, we best care for each other by maintaining vigilance and a willingness to be uncomfortable for the sake of our neighbor. 




One of the unique gifts of our congregation to the community within and outside of Zion has been the flowerbeds which were so diligently cared for over the years by Gary Dauberman. This past year the Eckerts and occasionally others have helped to maintain them but as fall approaches we need to ascertain the future caretaking of the church’s landscaping.  If you would be interested in helping to maintain (in part or in full) the flower beds through the next season, please contact the church office at 466-6061 or send an email at churchoffice@zlcboalsburg.org.  While we do not expect any single person to take on the extent of Gary’s former dedication to the flowerbeds, it may be that a group of members would enjoy dividing this labor.




As summer schedules end, we are excited for additional opportunities to grow in faith.  While several opportunities will be announced next week, please note that we will be reinitiating our 7pm Wednesday evening Bible studies on September 1st. 

This study reviews the texts that make up the worship readings for the upcoming Sunday.  An email will be sent out to all on the congregation’s email list.  If you are not getting this email, please call the office at 814-466-6061 or email at churchoffice@zlcboalsburg.org



This week’s worship invitations:Our YouTube page for the live stream @ 10:15am




The FaceBook page for the live stream @ 10:15am


Join us each Sunday at 9 am
as we gather for worship in front of Zion
on the lawn & in the parking Lot!


Join us at 10:15am in the sanctuary 
as we gather for a second service of worship.

 You will also find A PDF of the Liturgy that we will utilize for the worship service on Sunday.

Archived copies of reflections and services are available on the blog page. 


Psalm 122:1 I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord!”


Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


I am pleased to uplift cause for celebration.


On July 4th, we will celebrate worship from within our sanctuary at 10:15.  Some of you may view this transition as long overdue, other may still be hesitant to return to in building worship.  While resolute in our desire to make worship available throughout Covid, we have also been careful to abide by the recommendations of the authorities that are supposed to determine best practices.  Due to the availability of vaccines, decreased case numbers, the opening of restrictions on indoor gatherings by authorities; we have decided to return to worship within the sanctuary.  Here are some details you should know about this transition.

1. Our outdoor opportunities will continue throughout July and August at the 9am time slot. This will provide continued opportunities for those who are more comfortable with the format of these services.  Council will make evaluations concerning the continuation of this service as we enter the fall.

2. Current recommendation have released masking requirements upon those who have been vaccinated while continuing masking for those without. We are entrusting individuals within our community of faith to maintain practices that have been deemed safe.  Everyone should ascertain their own willingness to worship and take responsibility for both their own decisions while respecting and protecting the health of their bothers and sisters in the faith.  We obviously expect anyone who is feeling poorly or believes they have been partially exposed to Covid to refrain from in person worship and instead attend our worship remotely. 


3. We will begin our services under these simple restrictions.  Seating will be restricted to every other pew with cushions being removed from the non-sitting pews.  This will provide some social distancing while allowing sufficient occupancy.  We will also increase the quantity of music within both our outside and inside services in an effort to move closer to the amount of music we were accustom to prior to the pandemic.  Chiefly, we will count on your wisdom and care for each other to enable an environment that is both safe and edifying.  


4. In an abundance of caution, air purifiers have been installed on the air handling units in the fellowship hall and sanctuary.  While we have all learned that there are no absolutes concerning our precautions concerning Covid transmission, studies have shown these units to be effective at eliminating Covid from a space.  The units that were installed using the PHI technology can be found at<https://www.rgf.com/products/air/mini-split/>.  You can look at various testing research here <https://www.rgf.com/test-results/>.  These units don’t mean that other precautions should be ignored but instead add another layer of potential safety to our gatherings.


5.  Services will continue to be shared electronically so remote viewing will continue to be available.  A new system has been installed in the sanctuary so a higher quality livestream and archived service will be made available. This 10:15 livestream will be made available on Facebook and YouTube.  We are excited about the way this will improve the worship experience of those at home, however be patient as we work out potential bugs along the way.  Additionally, we plan for the service to be live-streamed on the TY downstairs for those who might choose to watch from there.


While more details may continue to be shared as developed, we are happy to be returning to worship within the sanctuary.  It has been a long wait, and while patience has been strained, we have been blessed through this storm even as we are eager for it’s passing. Continue to pray that our transition might be safe and helpful for our congregation as well as faithful and worthy of our Lord. 


On behalf of our council and in service to Christ


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