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Message from 4 3 20

Here is my weekly address to help you be aware of congregational news and devotional opportunities. Things change each day but here are some important points of information

1. “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5b

We are entering the liturgical season of Holy Week in which we recount the events surrounding our Lord’s Passion and Resurrection. The events of this week bring us from despair and death to hope and life. We are reminded that Christ was victorious over the world’s worst and through it has brought us salvation and the fulness of Heaven. While it may seem dark now, remember that the morning Son will rise and we will rise with Him!

2. In order to restrict the spread of Covid-19, the restrictions upon public gatherings has been extended through April. We are also still under the Governor’s orders to keep our office closed. As soon as it is permissible and safe, I will let you know! Our first gathering will feel like Christmas and Easter all rolled into one! During the interim, find ways to worship individually, with those in your household, via telecommunications and our website! The first generations of the Church gathered in homes, so can we!!!

3. I know many are feeling restless and frustrated these days, but I urge you to continue to stay the course and out of love for your neighbor, stay away from others and by remaining at home. Individuals like my wife choose to pursue vocations with the knowledge that their work would bring them into contact with potential health threats. I have been thinking and praying a lot concerning our many brothers and sisters who are working in places like our grocery stores for moderate pay, who are in frequent contact with the community and therefore increased risk. They certainly did not anticipate this situation, yet they are still showing up to provide for us even though they and their families are at greater risk. Do what you can to love your neighbor and respect their sacrifices by restricting your public outings to necessary ones. The longer we don’t abide by these restrictions, the longer they will curtail our ability to recover and the longer people will suffer.

4. While we are all consumed with the health concerns around COVID 19, others in our family of faith are struggling amid illness and loss without the usual support of community and with all the added obstacles, dangers and precautions necessary during these times. Many of these brothers or sisters are currently susceptible to infection and we need to strictly respect their health status. We keep all our members who reside in institutional care facilities in our prayers as their ability to see family or friends has been necessarily restricted. Specific updates to our prayer list are on our weekly email in order to insure some decree of privacy outside ur faith community.

5. Special resources and devotionals for Holy Week will be available. Additionally, I am trying to develop ways for us to worship live on Easter Sunday (or sooner) via internet and maybe even phone, but regardless of my success will have material available on the website. If a live service is possible, I will contact you via email and the website to give instructions.

6. Some have also asked about your offerings. If you desire to send your offerings to the church address, we will make monthly deposits in the bank. The office address is Zion Lutheran Church / PO Box 9 / Boalsburg, PA 16827

Your brother in Christ

Pastor Book

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