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An Artistic View of The Blind Man encountering the Light

After sharing the African Bible Study, Natalie, (my middle daughter)
was willing to create and share a creative journal entry for John 9.
She chose three words for Step 2 and located them (but not necessarily related them) to the three depictions of the blind man's eyes. She also chose to list three (thus numbered) answers to Step 4. Step 8 is her Challenge and Step 11 is her Prayer.
As her depiction shows, there is no one way to utilize this study. While intended for a group, she nicely adopted it to an individual journal entry. While she could have simply written down her responses, she utilized artistic inclinations to help her make a visual picture of the story and meaning within the text. I am grateful that Natalie was willing to share this with me. I hope it might inspire your reflections on this text and help you find creative ways to invite God's word into your hearts.

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